Advice from a friend

He told me that I am so 90's


Actually, he said “Your content is great. Your communication style is 1990s. Writing doesn't hit well with people. It's 2023 and video is the deal. I love video because the presenter gets to add in so much more energy than what the written word conveys.”

I have left his email at the top of my inbox so that every time I see it I can softly and under my breath say fuck you Phil, and also recognize how helpful his comments have been. My ego fighting my heartfelt desire to express myself. So, now that I have had a few days to digest this latest help, and had a conversation with another friend who helped me work through my constant struggle between resistance and laziness about expressing my thoughts and my true desire to share those same thoughts, I am going to test out a video post.

Apologies for the fact I am still not washed and ready for prime time, I needed to JUST DO IT!