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Living is a project, truly. Much harder than most of us figured while we were young and having fun was our main concern. At some point we become confused adults, spouses, parents, and have the shocking realization that there are problems we need to figure out on our own.

Here, at Quiet Clarity, we make observations. We expose things most people never reveal, ask questions, and humble ourselves to the fact we are a work in progress, and nowhere near as important as we would like. Or maybe more important. We are explorers, reporting back to one another in the hope that our experience will help others. We want all of humanity to have quality of life, to live and let live.

My hope is to provide useful tools and writings that will help us deal with emotions, to re-contextualize our problems into lessons that will make us better humans, to become more aware, compassionate, and loving.

We do not confine spirituality or God to any definition, but instead ask you to find your own personal and meaningful definition, and then use these things regularly.

We discuss the real world and its day to day challenges, how to maintain a healthy mind and body, reduce stress and angst, and improve our awareness and connection. Here are some free hypnosis recordings that might help with some of the day to day stuff.

We are ok that we do not know much, and recognize that we truly love, and that we are still a work in progress. And that is fun.

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Finding happiness and peace takes work.


Happiness is a choice.